Thursday, May 25, 2006

Here are step by step instructions for the non-programming types to the great SmackBook hack originally posted on:

Step By Step Instructions for Mac Book Pro (I don't have a PPC to test, sorry)

1. Download the following UniBin files
Smack Book
(Updated UniBin)


2. In your 'Applications' folder create a new folder called 'SmackBook'

3. Unzip the contents of both files above and copy all of the contents into the new folder 'SmackBook'.

4. Download the Desktop Manager if you don't already have it
(Tested)(Intel Only)
(Not tested)(UniBin)

5. Unzip and install the Desktop Manager where ever you want, just so long as it is running.

6. Open the terminal window and type the following
cd /Applications/SmackBook <-- Hit enter

perl <-- Hit enter

If all goes well you will get a message telling you the "AMS hardware present and initialized".

That's it! Now give it a SMACK!

The version of Desktop Manager you posted is intel only
Alexandre, thank you for pointing that out ... I do not have a link to the PPC version at this time ... If some one sumbits it I'll edit the instructions ...
any idea if this works on regular macbooks as well?
I'm pretty sure this will work on the June '05 iBooks. The AMSTracker util will show responses when I tilt/smack my laptop. I'm going to play with it a bit to see if I can get it to work. If someone else can figure out a solution, please post it.
Hey, it worked, but when I closed terminal, it stoped working.
didnt work for me
i'm not sure it'll work with my PowerBook G4. i think that there are more than a few people that are having trouble with their G4's. i don't know, maybe i'm just doing it wrong. i don't completly understand what i'm doing anyway lol.
by the way after i do the stuff i'm supposed to in Terminal it gives me the message: "Simulating" AMS hardware in software
Hey! Im using a MacBook Intel the new one. And I did everything correctly from all the manuals I've read (3). And I have desktop manager on, and the terminal says after starting the perl script: AMS hardware present and initialized. And now I try to smack the screen from the sides. Wont work :U So what's the problem? Mail me at asap, it's annoying me coz it wont work :(
I followed all of the steps given on my macbook but as i typed in my ?code in the terminal and press enter i get a message saying, "Can't open perl script "": No such file or directory". What should i do?

the links no longer work, any chance of an update?

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